Increase Penis Girth at Home

3 Tips on How to Increase Penis Girth

The emphasis that society has placed on the size of the male appendage has resulted in a skewed view for many men in terms of inadequacy and an inability to achieve a full and healthy sexual relationship. Hence, increasing girth of penis is becoming more and more important. With the increase in the number of medication that are available, it is becoming difficult for individuals to choose the products that will deliver the results that they are looking for. Based on this source at: and other online Wikipedia source at: The following takes a look at the options available with 3 male enhancement tips aimed at improving sexual function, confidence, and overall quality of life. At the end of the article, you will be able to answer the question of When or how do you increase Penis Girth.

There are a number of options available for men that claim to deliver permanent gains in the size and the length of the penile organ among Jelqing is only one of the solutions. All that is required is to complete a search on the internet and you will found hundreds to thousands of products claiming to do the same thing and that is enlarge the size of your penis. Unfortunately if you do not know what to look for or how to conduct research telling the fake statements from the ranges that may produce some type of favorable result can aid in making the best possible choices.

How To Enlarge Your Penis Girth

how to increase penis girth at home

Getting A Big Penis

The first step is to investigate the options that are available on the market and which of these will best cater to individual needs and interests. This requires a breakdown of the precautions that one should take including claims of money back guarantees or backing by doctors without proof of clinical trials should all alert one to the possibility of such measures indicating a scam. Reading reviews and joining forums regarding specific brands and devices can aid in receiving honest feedback with regards to its efficacy and possible negative results.

While many men feel as though their penis is too small, improper measurements and a failure to consider the true average size for the male population can result in skewed perceptions. It is necessary to take the time to visit a medical practitioner if the overall length and girth of the organ is way below the average size for men according to age. A condition referred to as the micropenis involves an organ of a significantly smaller size that can lead to sexual dysfunction and urinary problems that will impact on quality of life.

To increase girth, it is best to take the time to consider the first enhancement strategy and that includes the consumption of pills for improvements in length and girth. Capsules and powders that are widely available and can be easily bought with an online order; however, responsible decisions should be made with an investigation into the safety of such products by means of consumer forums and customer testimonials. Such ranges have been developed to accelerate Target heart rates and blood circulation that may prove problematic for those with cardiovascular conditions.

There is the option to purchase a synthetic or natural product range that both work in a similar manner, but differ in terms of listed ingredients. The artificial formulation has become part of some of the more well known brands in the industry that may cause significant adverse reactions in comparison to the herbal solutions. These products claim to provide gains in size with a fuller erection, but seldom do these results last for a long period of time.

Natural Penis Enlargement: Second Set!

Natural penis enlargement

Penis Exercises

The second set of measures that can aid in developing a longer penis is the use of devices such as pumps and weights that serve to lengthen the ligaments and engorge the area. These applications have to be used according to its instructions to prevent against the possibility of sustaining serious injuries. For those who have made use of such tools, there is a rise in the risk of causing permanent damage that would otherwise impact on the health of systems.

Thirdly, natural penis enlargement exercises in can be engaged on a daily basis with the aim of strengthening the soft tissues and the development of a firmer and longer erection. Instructional videos offer a step by step guide for those who wish to perform such technique without the possibility of causing serious harm. These steps often involve the downward massage of the organ and the upward pulls that serve to increase the overall length of private organs.

Such measures have been regarded non-invasive and include a number of alternatives that will assist in achieving the greatest results for your needs. Consultation with a medical practitioner may be necessary to protect against adverse effects and to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. The right type of preparation and adequate research can assist in achieving the desired physical results and healthy future relationships. My last tip for you is to browse trusted sources on the internet to uncover male organ size secrets and how to increase the length and girth using only your hands.

Exploring 3 Natural Ways To Increase Penis Size

3 Natural Ways To Increase Penis Size

Nature can sometimes be unfair when assigning external physical attributes. Many men inherit a combination of genetic predispositions that result in male reproductive organs smaller than what is currently considered an average size and that is why 1000s of men are opting for penis enlargement methods.

The phallus itself may be perfect, and may even function superbly, but it is simply not visually impressive. In a world where physical attributes and first impressions are over-valued, especially where sex is involved, men can grow tired of being told that size does not matter. While a magical method of altering the genetic code to create a uniformly larger phallus does not yet exist, there actually are at least 3 natural ways to increase penis size that can deliver tangible results.

  • Part of this preoccupation about physical dimensions stems from modern culture.

On-line ads for enlargement products pop up regularly, usually featuring devices and gimmicks that sell well, despite their somewhat dubious claims and that is why everyone with a small phallus is asking the question of Is there any way to increase penis size? Internet pornography sites are some of the busiest places on the web, and the actors are nearly always extremely well endowed, for obvious reasons.

Natural Ways To Increase Penis Size

How to Increase Penile Size without Taking Pills

Avoiding personal size comparisons becomes nearly impossible. Anxiety surrounding this issue can be debilitating and obsessive, sometimes resulting in substantial amounts of money being spent on solutions that rarely deliver. Ironically, most sexual partners of men with smaller penises do not consider size to be very important, but that fact is cold comfort to the under-endowed. In this manner, you should know that the rare truth about penis size is that it affects your performance and you should talk frankly with your partner about this topic. 

While it is easy to mock this preoccupation, and to dismiss any related concerns as vanity, some men are driven to seek a surgical solution. Unless there is an actual need for corrective treatment due to a birth abnormality, injury, or disease, going under the knife simply to create a longer or wider appearance is not without serious risks.

These operations may involve severing the main ligament that suspends the organ, allowing the penis to hang down a little further than it once did. This measurably greater dimension carries the distinct disadvantage of causing erections to point downward. Girth may be be added by injecting fat taken from other parts of the body into the walls of the organ, or creating extra thickness by grafting additional skin taken from the buttocks or groin.

  • Such operations can result in complications common to any invasive procedure.

Few followup studies have been undertaken, but it is commonly recognized that injected fat often disperses quickly. Post-surgical size increases are minimal, and can be disappointing when overly optimistic expectations do not mesh with reality. Poor results have included a very unnatural appearance after healing, a rejection of the skin graft, scarring, or even the formation of nodules where the fat was injected. While there have been satisfied customers, this solution is far too extreme for most men.

Devices designed to stretch, pull and ultimately lengthen the organ can actually make a difference, but the effects are also short-lived. The skin of this organ has evolved to undergo rapid changes in dimension, and using a vacuum penis pump prevents blood from exiting too quickly. These devices cause swelling of the external tissues, which may then look much bigger for a while. Cock rings also act as a barrier to the exit of blood, and increase the desired visual effect by keeping the organ positioned up front. Solid metal rings have the disadvantage of potentially becoming stuck, however, and can end up causing an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

The desire to find an easy answer to the question “How can you increase the size of your penis ” may cause normally cautious adults to suspend rational skepticism, especially if magical-sounding pills are involved. Most of them contain herbal formulas that are not actually harmful, and some may improve sub-par sexual function because they contain prostate-friendly ingredients. Getting and maintaining a youthfully exuberant erection is psychologically beneficial, but does nothing to permanently increase actual organ dimensions. Making do with less, however, is not a concept that most modern men readily accept. Even so, there actually are beneficial and natural ways to improve outward appearances while increasing self-satisfaction.

How To Enlarge Your Penis Length, Width And Girth Size?

Scientifically, an erection becomes longer and fuller when the necessary amount of blood is able to freely flow into the penis. Habitual tobacco use measurably reduces that physical capability, and quitting smoking should be among the first steps anyone takes when trying to achieve optimal penile appearance. Smoking can actually cause the penis to retract and shrink more than it would under less toxic conditions, and it becomes visually unimpressive. Not only does quitting the habit save money and reduce indoor air pollution, but it can also make a person seem far more attractive.

Having an ample pot-belly also contributes to the illusion of small penis size, and may encourage poorer sexual performance. Losing that unattractive fleshy overhang is not only a healthier choice, but is a natural way to begin looking and feeling better naked. Adopting a daily diet higher in fruits and vegetables, with fewer servings of meat, animal fat and cholesterol is a recommended start. A penis can actually be much longer than average, but if it is hidden under rolls of unhealthy flesh, all the devices, pills and expensive medical treatments will never make it look bigger.

Men who suffer chronic anxiety issues may not realize that their overall mental state also affects outward appearance. Anxiety increases muscular tensions, and over extended periods may actually cause decreased blood flow, resulting in a more retracted penile appearance.

A relaxed individual is more likely to have an equally relaxed phallus due to increased circulation. Some drugs commonly used to combat psychological issues may actually have undesired sexual side effects, leading some patients to explore alternate methods of relaxation such as meditation or acupuncture. Hereby, you should know that this treatment is one of the best ways toward increasing penis size naturally.

Better health gained through smoking cessation, a nutritious diet and daily exercise automatically contributes to an improved appearance, not to mention a more positive mental state. Rarely do individuals in adequate physical condition suffer personal rejection simply because their sexual organs do not meet an unrealistic size standard.

All the pills, plastic surgery and uncomfortable stretching devices on the market cannot match the exhilaration and vitality of feeling consistently well. More importantly, contentment and improved self-worth does not automatically increase with greater male size. Finally, you should take with you that kegel exercises are so far one of the best natural ways to increase penis size.

Natural Male Enhancement at Home:

Top 5 Facts About Increasing Penis Size

Most men focus on the length and thickness of the penile organ often obsessing over it with the result that perceived inadequacies filter into other spheres of life. In most instances, intimacy and relationships are impacted because individuals fear that they will be judged or not be able to satisfy their partners because of a belief that they are not big enough.

Learning 5 facts about penis size can aid in determining whether your appendage is average sized and whether you have anything to be concerned about in terms of physical enhancement methods. If you want to check whether your size is fine or not, you may need to check this article at:,25351.

What is the average penis size?

male enhancementWhile most men believe that the average penis size is quite big, it is not as long or as extensive as one may have previously thought. It is important to understand that studies indicating lengths of 6.5cm and up may be limited to a small sample of males and does not serve as a true reflection of the average sizes of general populations.

Viewing images of bigger men and the emphasis placed on an impressive appendage in society creates a perception around the organ that simply cannot be attained in reality and distorts the view many individuals have of themselves.

It is important to understand that researching measurements online that have not been accurately taken will deliver distorted results. This is a result of the fact that many males do not know how or where to start with the correct types of measurements. If one does not know exactly how to calculate the length of the appendage it will result in readings that are not accurate and does not serve as a true reflection of bodily components.

In most cases where measurements are taken by individuals who are not sure of the right methods, it can lead to an exaggerated result. Men tend to round the numbers off the the highest unit that leads to an outcome that is skewed. For those who do not fit into such categories, it can be difficult to feel secure and confident about your appendage.

  • Fact 1: Regular length and girth!

The first fact about penis size is that the regular length and girth of the male appendage is not s big as was initially thought by men. Recent studies that have been released indicate that the average sizes for males is significantly shorter than the lengths claimed by media and many forums. Studies that have been conducted on a larger group of males have revealed that the expected length for individuals is approximately 5.8 inches when in an erect state that is a lot lower than was initially recorded.

  • Fact 2: Commercial companies hide side effects!

The second fact about sizes is the profits that enhancement companies wish to make by emphasizing large and unrealistic appendages. A significant number of individuals believe that they are inadequately proportioned, but the emphasis placed on longer lengths and girths is a result of the opportunity to capitalize on pills, creams, and similar devices that are widely sold and advertised on the market. Before determining whether or not you need to try such procedures, investing in research can make all the difference.

  • Fact 3: The correct measurements when the penis is erect and not flaccid.

Most men make the mistake of focusing on a flaccid state that does not serve as a true reflection of the overall appendage and its length. Such measures can aid in making more accurate comparisons and realizing that there is nothing abnormal about your organ.

  • Fact 4: Take to your partner about your penile size!

Fourthly, women do not place as much emphasis on the male appendage as men do and contrary to popular belief, it will not affect intimacy and satisfaction in a relationship. Most women will agree that a longer penis is considered intimidating and prefer the thickness rather than an extension. Care should be taken to determine how to increase pleasure and intimacy rather than on sizes.

  • Fact 5: Avoid this effect!

The last fact about size involves the skewed perception of men and the fact that individuals become caught up in the hype and what is expected of them. A top down image of the organ will make it appear shorter than it really is contributing to a distorted view of the appendage. While men will constantly compare themselves to others, it is important to remember that every person is made differently and it does not serve as an indication of performance.

It is important to consider the fact that the average size for males when non-erect is around 3 to 4 inches. Exposure to cold temperatures will cause further shrinkage, but does not serves as a true reflection of what your physicality truly represents. Time should be taken to investigate the lengths that are applicable to your needs and is not an incorrect representation.

Increase Penis Size using Male Extra: Review!

Exploring all of the male enhancement products on the market can be confusing. Numerous men have heard about Male Extra, and they may be curious as to how well the product works. Such individuals could have a wide range of additional questions about the supplement, as well.

In order to understand more about this product, a consumer might want to see at least one Male Extra review. Browsing several reviews could be the best way to develop an accurate concept of how well this product works, what the men who have used it think about it, and an array of other factors that could be important.

Benefits of Male Extra to Enlarge Your Penis Size!

Review One of the main benefits of this supplement seems to be its capacity to increase size. It may increase size as much as three inches, which is considerable. Enlargement is important to men for many reasons, and a supplement that can induce enlargement could be invaluable to a great number of individuals. There are plenty of reviews on how well the product works to precipitate enlarging of the male reproductive organ.

Many men have reported that they experienced a size increase of up to three inches, so that seems to be the most common experience. However, results may vary greatly among men, regardless of the reviews that may be available. Some men might experience a greater increase in size, while others could experience less of an increase. Everyone is different in terms of body type, health condition, genetics, and other various circumstances.

Male Enhancement Reviews by True Customers!

Male Enhancement Reviews

According to one consumer who has been happy with the product, the way that it increases size is by stimulating the renewal of healthy cells, while inhibiting the growth of cells that are not functioning properly. When healthy cells are encouraged to grow, they support the overall function and size of the male reproductive organ. As this process continues, the tissue becomes healthier, and it can grow the way it is supposed to. The result is an organ that is longer, bigger, and stronger in general.

Another person who provided an online review stated that he experienced a noticeable difference in size. He estimates that he grew about one inch in the first month of taking the supplement, which pleased him greatly. Another person reported that the initial enlargement was sometimes temporary for him, but that it occurred at the times that he needed it to, so he was well satisfied with his results. After two months, however, he noticed that he had significantly grown in both length and thickness. Overall, he was happy with his decision to try the supplement.

  • The other benefit of using the supplement is a  improved performance.

According to one person who has experienced success with the product, this is accomplished by the dilation of blood vessels to increase blood flow. The supplement also increases energy level, which has a considerable effect on performance. The intensity of pleasure is affected, as well. Stamina and drive are also affected positively. The combination of all of these factors makes this a supplement that countless males could find to be beneficial.

A variety of reviews can be found on how men responded to performance results. One man states that his libido has improved, and that he had a renewed interest that he had not experienced in a long time. Several men have mentioned that the supplement worked best for them, when they were also committed to active exercise routines. Another person, who conducted extensive testing of the product himself before reaching a conclusion, felt that the results he experienced were well worth the time he had spent taking Male Extra.

  • The product also provides other health benefits.

One consumer noted that he felt a sense of overall wellness that he had not felt in years. He had more energy, and he noticed an improvement in the function of his joints, as well. Numerous males have reported greater self-confidence, and that they generally feel happier than they were before they began taking the supplement. The effects of this product seem to be as advantageous to mental and emotional wellness, as they are to physical health.

  • This supplement contains natural ingredients that support health and vitality.

Pomegranate is one of the ingredients used to improve performance. Maca is used to increase libido. Zinc has numerous health benefits, and it is certainly beneficial for men who wish to experience better performance. Another ingredient helps to relax the muscles, while increasing the flow of blood where it is needed. One ingredient increases desire, while giving a boost to testosterone levels. Many people appreciate the fact that the supplement contains natural ingredients, instead of using synthetic ingredients to be effective.

Once a person decides to take Male Extra, the next step is learning about how to take it, in order to enjoy the maximum benefits it offers. The supplement comes in the form of a pill, and it is typically taken three times per day. Countless people find this method preferable to other options, such as surgery. Living a healthy lifestyle while on the supplement is generally the best way to experience the best results.

Someone who does not get much sleep on a regular basis, eats unhealthy foods, and never exercises is not apt to get as much of a positive result from the product as someone else might. A person who drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes may not experience the same results as another individual would. The people who seem to appreciate the product the most are those who get plenty of sleep, eat healthfully, exercise regularly, and avoid habits that are unhealthy, such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

  • Male Extra seems to be a supplement that can work for a broad assortment of males.

A lot of men have found it to be exactly what they needed to improve libido and performance. Others are pleased with its capacity to induce enlargement. Its natural ingredients appeal to a wide range of individuals, especially because they provide an array of health benefits. Numerous people have stated that the best way to see how the product works is to try it. If you need more information, you may check this Male Extra Review Summary.

Penis Diseases

Penis diseases should not be confused with sexually transmitted infections. These are often developments that occur in vitro or as the result of different hormonal and physiological changes that occur throughout life. Thus, a man does not need to have a sexual partner or be sexually active in order for these health issues to develop. Moreover, they are rarely cured through the use of antibiotic, anti-fungal or anti-viral treatments.

Doctors commonly refer to penis diseases as penis disorders, given that they cause the male genitalia to look or function in a way that is not typical. These can cause men to have extreme difficulty in urinating, ejaculating or obtaining and sustaining an erection naturally. It is also important to note that many of these ailments can have a significant impact on the appearance of a man’s sex organs.

Some of the more common emotional effects of penis diseases include social anxiety and depression. Having an abnormal looking or functioning sex organ can make it difficult for many men to feel confident or proactive in terms of meeting new people and establishing intimate physical relations. This is especially true in instances in which a male might have a micro-phallus or micro-sized sex organ. Measuring at no more than three inches in length while fully erect, these penises may or may not be functional enough for comfortable urination, copulation or even successful reproduction.

Micropenis common Issue

  • Priapism is a very common disorder among men.

While it can be quite painful and embarrassing, there are many medical solutions that can be implemented in an effort to correct it. Priapism is the sudden development of a very hard and painful erection that persists. Usually, this ailment is caused by certain negative life habits such as the excess consumption of alcohol, the overuse of ED medications. This, however, can also be a secondary physical development caused by various blood diseases, injury to the genitals and anesthesia or other medications.

  • It is important to know that priapism is considered to be a medical emergency.

This is largely due to the fact that a long-term erection is capable of causing long-term damage to the male genitals. This can cause scarring that will ultimately make it more difficult to naturally obtain future erections or other forms of penile functioning. Efforts are performed to alleviate or eliminate the erection without having any negative impacts on penile functioning overall. This can be attempted through the use of pharmaceutical drugs that help to reduce the blood vessels or by draining blood from the penis through the insertion of a needle. Given the fact that an erection requires the penile erectile tissues to engorge with blood, the removal of blood from the affected area is often quite effective.

Peyronie’s disease is characterized by the development of a hard lump on the upper or lower portion of the shaft. This is plaque and it will cause the affected area to become irritated and swell. This lump can harden and turn into scar tissue. This scar tissues diminishes penile elasticity in the localized area. Fortunately, however, Peyronie’s disease is usually capable of resolving itself. This process will usually take six months to a year and a half to dissipate entirely.

Although there is no known or documented cause for Peyronie’s disease, it is suspected that this issue is the result of penile trauma. The male organ is likely severely bent or has suffered a jarring blow prior to the development of the plaque deposit. What is known about this issue is that it generally forms without any major warnings and that it will usually retreat without any major medical intervention. It may be caused by vasculitis or disorders relating to the connective tissues, however, there has not been sufficient research performed for supporting these theories.

Check this before opting to male enhancement

When the head of the penis becomes inflamed and there are no sexually transmitted issues such as herpes at fault, this is commonly referred to as Ballanitis. The symptoms of this illness can often seem very much like a sexually transmitted disease. Men may experiencing itching and rashes in addition to swelling and this can also be accompanies by a foul-smelling discharge from the tip of the corona. This is an infection that commonly occurs in men and young boys who have not been circumcised. With the excess skin left in tact at the the shaft, males must take care to pull back the foreskin routinely in order to clean the head of their penises and the interior of the foreskin. The foul-smelling substance that is emitted is called smegma and it is caused by large accumulations of harmful bacteria.

  • It is also possible for men to develop ballanitis as a result of contact dermatitis.

Penis DiseasesThus, if an individual is wearing new underwear or using a new soap or body wash, different elements within the related products or the detergents that are used to clean them, could be responsible for the irritated. Dermatitis-related ballanitis, however, will rarely result in a foul-smelling discharge or smegma. Men should know, however, that while ballanitis does not have to be sexually transmitted, it can be the development of a number of sexually transmitted diseases, which makes it important for all sexually active males to have themselves tested when the head of the penis starts to swell or emit an unpleasant discharge.

While there are a number of ways that most penis diseases can be treated, these efforts do not always ensure long-term penile health or functionality. The success of any surgical or non-surgical effort to resolve issues in any area of male reproductive health will be dependent upon the amount of time that a man has delayed in receiving treatment, the severity of the problem and whether or not an appropriate diagnosis and treatment has been issued. In some instances, men could lose major aspects of penile functionality, including the ability to grow erect when aroused, experience orgasms, ejaculate and urinate comfortable or without the use of artificial aids.

Many surgeons are working to correct the damages cause by severe penis diseases by installing penile implants. These can help to restore many forms of lost functionality. Moreover, they help men to regain much of their lost confidence and the ability to interact with others intimately and physically.

Huge Penis-How to Increase Penile Size?

Huge Penis Tips- Youtube Video!

There are lots of things that men can do to increase penile size. These range from implementing exercise programs to stretch the erectile tissues in the reproductive area to using herbal supplements and oils for increasing circulation. Ultimately, however, a male enhancement program will only be effective if it is capable of targeting the actual source of the problem, according to this Wikipedia article at and this Youtube video at: www.YouTube.Com/watch?v=qD_TSGRiF0s. In this context, you should know that a lot of men think that huge penises are something that some people are simply gifted with. In reality, however, the size of a person’s member is often directly reflective of his hormone levels, genetics or many other physiological factors. For instance, a man who does not receive adequate testosterone during the developmental stages of puberty will usually have a shorter, thinner penis than a man who has ample testosterone at this time.

Given the importance of testosterone to penile development, a lot of men are using various forms of hormone therapy to increase penile size. These efforts are not without side effects and thus, any hormone supplements should always be used under the guidance of a trusted medical professional.

Get a Big Penis: Another Way!

Another way in which men are attempting to enhance their erections is by using herb-infused oils to massage their members. Some of these products boast the ability to provide immediate, if not lasting results. These encourage more blood flow to the erectile tissues so that the penis is able to engorge fully.

Huge PenisThis is the same idea behind implementing special diet and exercise programs. Men know that when they are truly healthy, their reproductive abilities will increase. Males who work out tend to be more robust than those who do not. These individuals also have far more stamina and self-confidence. This is due in large part to their impressive physical fitness levels but it is also the results of improved blood flow, particularly to the genitals.

Men who lose weight can sometimes gain one or two inches in length. This is because most males are prone to storing excess fat in the lower abdominal region. Once these fat stores encroach upon the pelvic base, they can make a large portion of penis less visible and much less accessible. Losing these unwanted layers is a very effective and non-invasive enhancement strategy.

Tobacco users and men who drink habitually can also gain benefits by changing their life habits. These activities tend to prevent optimal blood flow to the lower extremities. As a result, when men become aroused there is not sufficient blood supplies for fostering a strong and healthy erection. In addition to addressing these habits, men can start using special herbs for increasing blood flow. Cayenne pepper is very effective to this end, however, there are other herbs that are just as effective and much less spicy.

Tips to get a Huge Penis!

There are many additional things that men can do to increase penile size. Some males are using hand-held pumps while others have opted to have penile extenders installed. The best efforts, however, are going to be those that are structured to meet the needs of the individual as there is no single method that will work well for everyone. Also, you should be sure that male enhancement does not start with pills, pumps, extenders, etc. Rather, it starts with talking honestly with your partner about your state and if she is happy with your size. If she really likes you, she will stand behind you till you increase your penis by some inches in length and girth.

Penis Enlargement Oil

Penis enlargement oil can be a real treat for men who have been using painful and ineffective strategies for improving the size of their erections. These are all-natural products that leverage the potency of powerful herbs to promote better blood flow to the reproductive area, while increasing sexual stamina and confidence. Not only can men get bigger, stronger penises by using these products, but they can also have more fun in the process.

Typically, these oils are applied to the shaft before engaging in coitus. Men should start the application process about twenty to thirty minutes before entering their partners. This gives the oil ample time to permeate the skin and enter into the blood stream. It will then cause the penis to become fully engorged, making it stiffer, thicker and much longer.

One of the greatest benefits of using this product is that it actually helps to increase pleasure. Men will love the way that their penises feel when exposed to the herbs that are in these oils. Some of the most common additions include piper nigrum, cocoa nucifera, hirudo medicinalis and zingiberis officinale among many others. These have a major impact on the penis in the short and long-term.

Male Enhancement Tip!

  • Thus, these products are used in two very different ways.

They are first applied prior to coitus in order to ensure that male sexual performance is top notch. In this way, they help to boost the libido and allow men to feel confident and capable when having sex with their partners. These oils are also used outside of the bedroom as part of the man’s daily routine. They are applied to the penis morning and night, so that optimal and lasting growth is achieved.

Men simply pour a bit of oil into their palms and then use it to evenly coat the shaft. They then use their hands to rub this around the length of the shaft and across the head. This is far more relaxing and enjoyable than stuffing the member into a pulling contraption to stretch it out. As men explore themselves during the application process, they often become more comfortable with their bodies and develop healthier attitudes towards their penises in general.

Penis Enlargement OilIt is also possible for a man’s partner to assist with the application process. These slick, warm oils are a great way to add new spark to a boring relationship. Guys can spice things up by letting their partners massage them to erection and by revealing stronger, longer shafts for their partners to enjoy. This is one way to get over a dry spell that has been caused by dissatisfaction and low self-esteem.

Many consumers prefer these products over other enhancement methods due to the immediate results that they are capable of producing. Although these rapid improvements are not going to last without repeated use, they give men a preview of what’s to come if they remain diligent in their applications. Over time, repeated exposure to these herbs will cause the shaft to become stronger and will result in a more sizable erection, even once a person has discontinued use of the product.

Given the fact that the herbs are all-natural, these oils are considered to be far less detrimental to male reproductive health than other enhancement tactics. Penis enlargement oil does not place tension on the urethra like stretching contraptions and exercises do. It does not cause pain. In fact, it is guaranteed to give men more pleasure, whether they are preparing to be intimate with their partners or are simply applying this oil to themselves. Thus, it is quite unlike pumps, pulling methods or other activities that men commonly engage in with little success.

This is not a novel concept. Men have been searching for ways to improve their penis sizes throughout the ages. Using herb infused oils is a centuries old technique that has been helping males to gain massive erections successfully for quite some time. Thus, people can read about positive results that date back for many decades and which further allude to the safety of this enhancement technique.

There are even special instructions for massaging the oil onto the penis correctly. People can obtain these when purchasing penis enlargement oil from a reputable supplier. These teach men how to massage the thighs to stimulate circulation, how to navigate around folds of skin near or around the testicles and anus and how to grip the penis for maximum effectiveness. With these instructions, men are able to get the best possible benefits from their use of this proven enlargement strategy.

Penis Enlargement Oil VigRx Oil

Penis size preference chart HOAX

Debunking women penis size preference chart HOAX

Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction In Men –

How To Get Naturally Better Erections

Penis Size Chart

Importance Of A Penis Size Chart!

This article is the best source for you, if you always saying, I have a small penis. Many people are going for enlargement of their sexual organs. It is important to have a penis size chart so that various people can determine their sizes. This information helps when it comes to finding the right condoms to use during sex. As methods of enhancing the male organs are improving so are the sizes of many mens genitals.

This is great news for men who feel humiliated because of the length of their organs. However, another problem of choosing the wrong type of condom arises. It is very important for males who have undergone any form of enlargement to know what their dimensions are. This will enable them to find the right condom.

 According to, as the penis grows long and increases in girth over the months or weeks chances are high that the condom that used to fit before the enlargement will no longer fit. You will need to measure your organ first and then compare against condom sizes to get the perfect fit.

Many condoms have their own charts because they understand that different men have different sizes. Some brands only have regular, large and extra large sizes while others have exact measurements written on their products. They are helpful when you have your penile measurements taken.

It is advisable to have your measurements taken before choosing a condom to wear. This has several benefits. One advantage is that you will be able to find out the comfortable type of condom for you. A small one can be uncomfortable while a large one will most likely slip off.

If you do not have a penis size chart you can try out different condoms till you find the best fit. It is important to use a condom every time you have sex. It helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as infections. You can get charts from the internet.

I have a Small Penis

Womens Penis Size Preference Chart


Penis Size Preference Chart